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You find Skeppsholmens folk high school on the island of Skeppsholmen, right in the centre of Stockholm. Some of the courses are connected to maritime activities as the school itself with its vicinity to the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm and the seafaring of the Baltic Sea. The school is politically and religiously independent and is led by a board.

The folk high school is a free school form for adult education and offers three full-time courses: One general course on upper secondary level and two special courses – a music course and a boat-building course. The general course has different profiles and each one is a one year course. Depending on earlier merits, the general course can be chosen for one, two or three years and can then give qualifications for higher studies.

The two-year musiccourse is wide and covers music styles from different eras and cultures which provides a musical environment where experiment and unexpected meetings are at the centre.

The boat-building course lasts two year and here one learns the basic skills of traditional boat-building. When completing the second year, the students have actually built a Nordic wooden boat and finish the whole course with a maiden voyage in our archipelago.

The activities of Skeppsholmens folkhögskola are all based on humanistic and democratic values and a holisitic view of knowledge where learning is seen as a process. Skeppsholmens folkhigh school is a meeting-place where differences are regarded as a strength and where the methods are based on co-operation.

 Language: All courses are in Swedish.